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Mirosław - Викладач англійської мови

I am an enthusiastic, extremely conscientious and jovial English teacher, who also happens to be a real Americanophile.

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  • Individual classes
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  • Children (up to 7)
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  • Діти (9-14)
  • Students (15-20)
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Про себе

Hi! My name is Mirek. I hold a Master’s degree in English Philology and I have been teaching English for almost twenty years now! In the course of my career, I have taught English to a host of different students in various age groups helping them to communicate effectively in English, while also preparing many of them to pass their school exams, such as Polish Matura Exam, and off-school exams, such as FCE or TOEFL exam. I have lived, worked and studied in the USA for some time, so the variety of English you are going to hear from me during our classes is going to be 99,99% American English, which I love, just as I love everything American. I am also a very good actor, though, so watch out, I may surprise you with some good old British chatter :). I have always encouraged my students to learn English because apart from the freedom of communication it gives you wherever you go, on top of that, as the saying goes, the knowledge of foreign languages (English) commands respect. Professionally, I have also worked in Finance & Accounting departments of an international corporation for the past sixteen years, and used English for everyday business matters, therefore, I will be more than happy to share my experience with you in that field as well. Personally, I am a huge good, old-school rap music fan, and a boxing + basketball aficionado. Don’t be misled by that Italian National Soccer Team t-shirt in my profile photo :), but yes, I also speak some Italian, which is my second preferred language and culture I admire.

Now, that you have arrived to the end of my introduction, hopefully you did not die of boredom, don’t wait, book your class with me and let’s get the ball rolling. 

See you soon in the classroom! Ciao! :)

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