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Martin - lektor angielskiego

Martin - Lektor angielskiego

I'm here to help you find your voice allowing you to express what matters.

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I have total of over 4 years’ experience in teaching English to adults and children, through my various professional work and life experiences. Since being married, I have been also helping my Polish wife to express herself better in English every day.


Since October 2019 I have been residing for several months in Spain (ongoing, part time), where I‘ve started teaching English on-line to adults 1-2-1 from Spain and expat community as part of my NLP and Therapeutic services (at and also in voluntary capacity.

I have also been running regular English club lessons to small groups of home-schooled children, age 7- 16 years old, every week. I have developed and adapted unique lesson plans for children, who come from Spanish and other international backgrounds, focused mainly on applying practical science, communicating only in English. The sessions are very child led, with learning English verbally only.


Recently, I have been mainly focusing on accommodating on-line adults who have intermediate or more advanced understanding level of English, and people who have a need to learn more academic or business English.  I have started helping students to use English mainly to prepare for public speaking and business or university presentations. This is where my passion and strengths is, but I am very flexible in my teaching approach.  I’ve been making sure to tailor each lesson towards each student's learning style and ability. I have  ensure  that lessons with me are inspiring, interactive and informative and we have real life conversations.

Since 2017, in my capacity as Director, Mentor and Workshop facilitator of social enterprise (Heal Earth CIC in UK ),  I have designed and delivered several training workshops and courses for seniors, adults and  poetry projects in schools.  


I delivered a series of lessons to both private and public secondary schools in the Birkenhead area (Wirral UK) as part Wilfred Owen poetry programme in collaboration with

The work involved motivating and inspiring students to write poetry inspired by II World War heroes. I was able to incorporate relaxation techniques like breathing and meditation to enhance the access to creative capacity in each student. I also used simple NLP(neurolinguistic programming) and linguistic techniques which I demonstrated during the lessons they were then incorporated by students in their own process of writing poetry.

This resulted in some of the poems being published in English anthropology and for GCSE students. School teachers expressed great interest in learning my techniques. They even mentioned that they would be utilising some of the techniques I deployed in their classes.

It was a pleasure to help both teachers and students, utilise different techniques to engage and communicate in English..  

In my role as a Director I was involved writing legal contracts and other various applications of formal English, which means I can be helpful to students in applying English in completing legal tasks.

I also created a linguistic protocol using a particular type of communication leading to clear concise articulation of emotional states or how somebody is feeling.

It was then utilised in a teacher training programme which subsequently resulted in 12 women being trained and competent in implementing the protocol in their individual practices. The programme has been funded by AGE UK, subsidiary of the UK government funding focusing on elevating social isolation in communities. The effectiveness of the circle work communication protocol is being measured and evaluated by Chester University.

During my work as Practitioner, working with adults living with Autism, epilepsy and other learning difficulties at MacIntyre charity ( in 2015 -2019, I developed English language training for charity UK, to help workers to communicate effectively with the clients with disabilities they were supporting on daily basis.



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