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David - lektor angielskiego

David - Lektor angielskiego

Passionate and Happy about learning, teaching and experiencing Human Values at all times. Let's Move from our Seat while learning languages!

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O sobie

Hi, I'm David!

I'm really dynamic, Always happy to teach, because for me teaching is also learning. 9 years experience as an English teacher.

Speaking English and Spanish has been an awesome opportunity  to learn about more cultures. I've learned a lot of values with my family, friends and of course, with my students. At the end this is the most important thing for me when teaching. Working united as humans, being a servant of the world.  

I really like to listen. I'm so patient. I understand that some people are going through a lot in their lives. There are situations where we need to work together. I'm a really happy person and I think compassion and kindness should always be part of our humanity; to help people, to understand their paths they walk, that's the kind of teacher I am, the one I like to be.  

I've worked with national geographic books, phonics material, different audios with diferrent accents, stretching and dancing videos... We won't be only sitting down but moving a lot! :)  

I'm always ready to improve my teaching skills, interacting with more people, enjoying and having fun in our lessons. I hope to work together and have fun as much as we can.

See you soon!

Teacher David MC

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