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I have taught approximately 4000 online lessons. I have experience of more than four years teaching online to international students.

  I have extensive (12 years) ESL and English teaching experience at an international level (Japan and Thailand) and in multicultural settings. My experience is extremely diverse: I have taught students from the 2ndgrade to the 12-grade and all four years of university.

  I take a holistic and caring approach: I help students improve their academic skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, test-taking); I support students’ development of their identities as productive, intellectually curious, and international people; I balance hard work with fun; I empower students to create their own community of learning; I focus on ethics, empathy, responsibility, effort, and consistency; I connect with students’ interests and what is best in them as people; I engender confidence in the students; I utilize thinking routines; I embrace both traditional and new technology-based teaching methodologies; I highlight interdisciplinary learning; and I establish relevancy and connections between classroom learning and the students’ lives outside of school.

  I have taught a wide range of scholars: I have been fortunate enough to help not only some of the top students but also some of the students who experience many challenges. I enjoy all of the elements when teaching at those various levels. For example, I taught at Thailand’s #1 Math and Science high school: all of these students were given full scholarships based on their native abilities, and, in particular, their math aptitudes which, in some cases, were off the charts (One student at that school won the Asian Freeman Scholarship; moreover, I chatted with a recruiter from Johns Hopkins medical school on his visit to interact with the students). Conversely, for example, I also taught students who lived in a military town outside of Bangkok and who attended a middle school, with a very committed faculty; yet, by and large, the students did not have many visible prospects for advancing to university or working much beyond the borders of their town.

  What I learned from my parents, lifelong educators, and what was applicable in both sets of circumstances were several basic educational tents: I always reached out to the students, even if they appeared on the surface to reject my efforts, and let them know that I would always try to help them; I modeled and talked about consistency of effort and emotion both in the classroom and in life; I let them know that the people at the school believed in them and they could believe in themselves; I made clear that we all make mistakes and have setbacks but a crucial part of academic and real life is to learn from all situations, positive and negative, and to develop the ability to move forward after both success and lack of success; and I encouraged them not to give up on a task or the process of skill building prematurely or if there isn’t immediate success: learning takes time.  

  I am driven to become a better teacher every day I go to work. I believe in professional development especially as it relates to listening to and learning from my colleagues. I am able to teach within the parameters of a given curriculum yet add creative and life-wisdom elements to enhance and broaden the scope of learning. I work as a teacher not only to fulfill the objectives at a particular school but also to support community-based and life-long learning.

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