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What is English online course?

English online course is a convenient and time saving way to learn language with the best quality. Courses are taught by teachers from all over the world. Classes are held in a virtual classroom in real time.

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3 benefits of Fluentbe online courses

Thousands of people have already appreciated live online learning with a real teacher. See the benefits it offers.

Learn faster with a real live teacher

We will choose the best teacher for your needs.

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Save time with online courses

Online lessons allow you to learn comfortably without wasting time and money on commuting.

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Speak freely thanks to the Fluentbe Method

The Fluentbe Method is focused on practical skills, e.g. developing speaking skills.

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100% learning satisfaction guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with the lessons, we can provide you with an alternative teacher free of charge or a refund.

Are you not convinced by learning English online?

Those who once learned English online with Fluentbe cannot imagine returning to the old method. See what our students like the most and why they value Fluentbe.

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Way of conducting classes focused on conversations. Small group - thanks to that each participant has many opportunities to speak. Interesting way of conducting classes and a friendly, communicative teacher.
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Very good teacher, great classes with lots of materials, which are approachable and easy to understand, given with lots of pictures. Nice atmosphere
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I like the 'live' lessons. We have an excellent teacher and group. This form of learning is sensational!
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I like the classes at your school because it's possible to study online from practically anywhere in the world where there's an internet connection. Fantastic.
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I definitely recommend English lessons at Fluentbe. During the classes all possible forms of exercise are carried out: reading, writing, speaking and grammar. The classes are organised without leaving your home, which is a very good solution for busy people. The teacher explains the incomprehensible material on an ongoing basis. Classes are conducted in small groups which gives you a much better chance of assimilating the knowledge.
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Lessons are very interesting, no monotonous lessons, high level of the course, practical topics.
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I strongly recommend them. Professional teachers, convenient dates and times of classes which you can attend from anywhere in the world. I am writing this opinion about Fluentbe as a person who has been enjoying my English lessons.
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Fluentbe is my the best language learning experience. I have a great teacher from Colombia, we arrange our lessons on a regular basis, so you can organize everything perfectly even in difficult to predict situations. I highly recommend - try it :)

Frequently asked questions about English online

How does learning English online work?

Our English online courses are like video coference. All participants (students and teacher) can see and here each other. They can participate in conversation live but from diffrent places in the world - thanks to Internet.

Is English online course effective?

Of course! Effectiveness of online learning is as good as stationary or even better! Comparing thoose two, online learning is better because: there is better organization of classes, posiibility of hiring the best teachers from all over the world and higher attendance of students.

What are advantages of learning online?

Online English combines standard English lessons with the convenience of online learning. These are new possibilities an no restrictions. In the end - it's the highest quality available for everyone.

Are online English lessons with a teacher?

Of course! Classes are conducted live with a qualified, experienced teacher who watches over the course of the lesson, moderates the conversation and checks the progress of students.

Who can benefit from learning English online?

Virtually everyone - online classes are not limited. To participate in the lesson you need a computer or tablet, headphones with a microphone, webcam and Internet access. Classes are conducted at all of the levels.

How to start learning English online?

It's very easy! All you need is to make a decision and take those three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form.
  2. We will contact you to tailor the right course for you.
  3. Together we will choose a convenient date to begin the course.
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