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O sebe

Hello, my name is Melissa and I'm from Canada. I love to teach English and share my knowledge of Global culture with students of all ages. 
My degree is in Psychology (MBA will be finished in a few months) and I have also worked in the public/private sectors, like - LG, KIA, Doosan Corp, GS Retail, Korean Police University, the Korean Government, small language centers, Beijing Institute for Petrochemical Tech, Teaching Yoga English (Topic based classes, ESP/EAP) and many universities and colleges in Korea, China and Saudi Arabia.

I have international education teaching/management experience; cirriculum design/planning, QC Control, professional performance appraisals/assessments, student counseling, and lesson/materials planning.
My hobbies are weight lifting, yoga, green tea, Asian culture, walking, reading, running, quiet times at home, travel, taking coffee out, being a vegetarian, tofu, DUK (Korean Rice Desserts) Korean Food, cute things and animals, and Arab Horses.

What makes me passionate about teaching is that as a teacher, I can progress with the students. I view English teaching as a bidirectional process, in which not only the students, but also the teacher learns. Being fully aware that individual students have different learning styles, I always try to tailor my instructions and teaching materials to provide more personalized student centered teaching. 

 I believe the most effective way to feel comfortable and confident with learning English is to enjoy having conversations with a teacher who guides students in lessons that are fun and interesting, with plenty of congratulations and corrections where necessary! 

I am friendly, motivated, funny and more importantly, patient.
And I love to teach students of all ages! 
I hope and look forward to seeing you or your students in one of my classes soon. 

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