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O sebe

During my teaching experiences, I have had the opportunity to work in different types of settings. My first position was as an English teacher for children ages 3-8 at a forest school. My approach was to teach through guided play and activities, such as cooking, nature walks, art projects, and songs. My teaching methods allow students to be actively engaged and guided to participate in their own unique ways. Through the same English program, English Day, I taught at different locations. 

I also taught at an alternative school based on creating a respectful environment for children and adults. The teachers provided individual attention to their students, and the children and adults were given choices in what they would like to study. I was an English teacher for children ages 3-10, as well as the head of the English after school program. This included organizing art projects, such as creating books together, sewing, drawing, writing comics, doing crafts, and cooking in creative ways. In my classes, art materials are mostly recycled or found in nature. 

The adult classes were in the format of conversation English, which let the students practice their fluency with the group, with my guided structure and corrections.

In addition to teaching, I took part in the hiring process and provided feedback to new teachers.

At a private, alternative forest school, I created the curriculum for week-long summer camps. We had daily English lessons that included collaborative activities, games, and art projects. One of my favorite memories there is when I facilitated students’ construction of handmade instruments, made of found objects, and we all played music together in the forest. 

My greatest motivation is to empower students to express themselves and to create positive change in their communities. I teach with respect and patience, adapting my approach to match their individual needs. I believe in the importance of confidence-building, to help students get through any rough times they may experience, and to stay strong and thrive throughout their future.

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