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Jackeline - Učiteľ angličtiny

Experienced Language Mentor Committed to Cultivating Strong Communication Skills

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  • Portugalčina Rodený
  • Angličtina C2
Výučbové preferencie
  • Individuálne triedy
  • Skupinové triedy
  • Deti (7-8)
  • Deti (9-14)
  • Študenti (15-20)
  • Dospelí (21+)
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O sebe

Hello! I'm Jackeline, a dedicated and passionate English teacher with a Cambridge C2 Certificate of Proficiency. For over 10 years, I've been turning my passion for English into a pathway for students to achieve linguistic excellence and professional success.

Why Choose Me?

Expert in Business English: Having worked with professionals from global giants like Amazon, IBM, GE, Ecolab, and Johnson & Johnson, I bring a wealth of experience in teaching English to the corporate world. My curriculum is finely tuned to the nuances of business communication, empowering professionals to thrive in a global setting.

Proven Success in English Proficiency Exams: Whether it's IELTS or TOEFL, my students consistently excel. My teaching methods are a blend of targeted strategies, comprehensive practice, and personalized feedback, all aimed at achieving outstanding results.

Interactive, Real-World Learning: I believe in learning by doing. My classes are dynamic and engaging, focusing on real-life business scenarios. Through interactive activities and practical projects, students not only improve their English skills but also gain the confidence to communicate effectively in professional environments.

A Personal Touch: My natural ability to connect with students and understand their unique needs transforms learning into a fulfilling journey. I'm not just a teacher; I'm a mentor and guide, committed to your linguistic and professional growth.

Join me in this exciting journey of language learning, where each session brings you a step closer to mastering English with confidence and flair. Let's unlock your potential together!

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