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O sebe

My name is Saygun, and I'm a Canadian teacher of mixed Balkan background. I'm not only a professional language teacher, but also a professional language learner. My constant effort to learn new languages and discover fine details about them keeps my enthusiasm for teaching evergreen, and this makes my classes not only more fruitful but also more entertaining.


My teaching journey started  in my early twenties, as I decided to learn Spanish from Latino friends and help them with their English in return. Then I started giving private lessons to my Asian classmates' Asian friends who were in Canada for ESL. After going through several different jobs for years and offering private lessons throughout this time, and getting regular praise from my students as well as my instructors of the languages I was learning myself, I decided to turn teaching into a full-blown profession and obtained my TEFL certificate. Teaching has been my main occupation ever since, and I'm glad I've made such a decision.


Since I'm a curious man with a keen interest in many fields aside from languages, I can offer tailored lessons in a variety of topics and fields, including but not limited to business English and medical English. All that said, my main area of expertise is helping university students and aspiring young professionals improve their general English beyond intermediate and training them to apply their knowledge to a myriad of situations ranging from colloquial conversation at a party to a formal letter to the president. Most of my students are as confident as a stand-up artist as far as speaking is concerned, and they develop an aversion to mispronounced words and misused phrases.

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