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Lecturers from all over the world, interesting lessons, lots of freedom of time and date.

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All in one, I just like the conversation with the teacher.

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Classes at Fluentbe are led by a wonderful teacher. A person with passion and commitment. She is extremely kind, patient and understanding, but also demanding and motivating.

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A very interesting formula of lessons, a combination of grammar exercises plus scenes and, most importantly, a lot of conversations enabling me to break the barrier of speaking. Great teacher. I RECOMMEND!

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Flexible hours. Possibility of contact with an international team of lecturers.

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Well organised classes. Lots of conversation, which I particularly like.

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Native speaker - frequently asked questions

Native speaker - who is that?

A native speaker is a person for whom a given language (in this case English) is their native language. This means that they can handle it completely naturally and fluently, as they have been using it every day throughout their life.

What are the lessons with a native speaker like?

Classes with a native speaker do not differ significantly from lessons with a Polish teacher. The main difference is that an English-speaking teacher will not suggest a Polish word, and the conversation with him takes place entirely in English.

From what level can you learn with a native speaker?

There isn't a clearly specified level. It is important that the level is high enough to understand what the teacher is saying to us.

What are the benefits of learning with a native speaker?

Lessons with a native English speaker have their advantages. These certainly include conversations only in this language, as well as a natural accent with which we can get used to.

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