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Unleash the full potential of your non-native English-speaking teams.

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Upskill your global workforce

English is the most important business language in the world. As an international language, it is used to communicate in many industries and fields (including finance, commerce, tourism, science, technology, entertainment industry).

Therefore, knowledge of English is essential to function in an international business environment.


Cross-cultural communication training

The ability of your employees to communicate effectively in English means an increase in the volume of the company's customers and thus an increase in orders. In addition, the quality and efficiency of internal communication between teams increases.

Online lessons with a live lecturer are an ideal form of learning. Check out our modern language solutions for business.

Who is this course for?

We are taught by companies that care about employees, from any industry, both micro companies and corporations.

Microcompany SMES Corporation Management Startup specialist Manager Manager Freelancer
We highly evaluate the cooperation with Fluentbe (...) and can recommend the School as a professional service provider and partner in online language training for companies. The ratings given by our employees to the lecturers and the school were high.
Adrianna Hapanowicz Human Resource Development
Fluentbe is distinguished by its reliability and high professionalism in the implementation of accepted commitments while maintaining a good atmosphere and freedom in conversation. I confidently recommend Fluentbe as a professional online language teaching institution.
Patrycja Radwańska Director of Human Resources Management
The company must be singled out for the innovations it uses. The contractor is worth recommending because its services are implemented through the use of innovative but effective techniques. The reliability of the company does not raise the slightest objection. The recommended company presents its offer clearly and comprehensively. I liked the way Fluentbe approaches the customer.
Peter White Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Management Board
As part of the agreement, Fluentbe organizes language courses for employees in the form of online classes. Fluentbe's employees strive for the highest standard of performance, which is one of their main strengths. The contractor shows interest in the customer's requirements and strives to satisfy them 100%.
Mikhailina Gajnodzinov Recruitment and development specialist
We evaluate the entire cooperation very positively. In particular, we appreciate the convenience of using Fluentbe's offerings through technological solutions. This allows our employees to conveniently use Fluentbe's language course offerings. We equally highly rate the work of Fluentbe's lecturers.
Romuald Ulcifer Board Member
From the very beginning of our cooperation with Fluentbe, we were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and commitment on the part of the school. The course instructors are well-prepared, experienced and have good ways of imparting knowledge. Their approach is friendly, flexible and tailored to the individual needs of the students. (...) Our experience has been positive and our language skills have improved significantly since we joined this school. We are sure that other students will also be satisfied with the quality of learning and professionalism offered by Fluentbe.
Kamila Kaluża HR Manager
The individual adaptation of the classes and the level of the language course to the needs of our Employees helps them better assimilate knowledge. It is also worth mentioning the platform offered by Fluentbe, which greatly facilitates communication with the teacher. Flexible working hours allow our Employees to choose the optimal time for learning so that it does not interfere with their other plans. (...) We would like to thank Fluentbe sp. z o.o. For the reliability and high level of the classes conducted.
Sebastian Krys Board Member
Agrifirm, as a company that cares about the development of its employees, started cooperation with the Fluentbe language school believing that it is possible to conduct online group classes, but tailored to all participants. (...) Agrifirm Poland's employees value the opportunity to learn in this form and highly rate their satisfaction with the classes.
Natalia Brykczynska HR Manager
We recommend Fluentbe as a reliable partner, characterized by professionalism as well as care to ensure that all customer requirements are met. What we value Fluentbe for is the hassle-free and very pleasant contact with the customer service department. (...) The employees were very satisfied with the quality of the courses, and they gained more freedom of speech thanks to the well-chosen teaching method.
Przemyslaw Bartula Board Member
The professional approach of Fluentbe Language School, the substantive preparation of the teachers and native speakers, the efficiency of the classes and online access to the multimedia platform, all contributed to the satisfaction of all those who participated in the online learning of English. (...) Summing up our cooperation so far, we can recommend Fluentbe as a competent partner, providing its services professionally and reliably commissioned to deliver language courses.
Grzegorz Dybus CEO
During our cooperation, Fluentbe meets the expectations of improving the language skills of our employees, professionally preparing classes based on our guidelines, and regularly reporting on the progress of the students. The company is also characterized by good customer care, as well as a flexible approach to facilitate cooperation.
Michal Stępniewski-Janowski Managing Director
Our employees are eager to attend classes and most appreciate the individual approach of the lecturers, the very pleasant atmosphere, the flexible approach to the scope of the content implemented and the ability to adjust the time of classes to their liking. On the administrative side, we especially appreciate the good organization, hassle-free contact, quick response time to requests and adaptation to our needs.
Grzegorz Dymek Board Member
We have been working with this company since 2021, valuing the professional approach to the learning process and the flexibility in adapting the offer to our individual needs, as well as the great commitment of Fluentbe Sp. z o. o. employees. The language classes are rated very highly by the course participants and translate directly into a systematic improvement of the language skills of our company's employees.
Milena Furmanczyk Junior HR & Payroll Specialist
Courses conducted in cooperation with Fluentbe Sp.z o.o. are of the highest level. Teachers use innovative learning methods, are committed and professional. Cooperation with Fluentbe is a pure pleasure thanks to their flexibility, professional approach to clients and highly qualified teaching staff and more. It is with the utmost conviction that we recommend the services of Fluentbe school as a reliable company that meets customer requirements.
SpotOn Poland sp. z o.o.
Fluentbe is a great solution for companies to strengthen all those English competencies that the participants or the employer care about. The program of classes is tailored to the needs of the group - not only the level, which is verified in two stages by Fluentbe specialists, but also to individual preferences. At Fream, we have been working with Fluentbe for more than a year now, and throughout this period the contact has been instantaneous and the classes run themselves.
Lidia Wojtycka HR Business Partner
Fluentbe's services are delivered at the highest level, thanks to the use of effective teaching methods. MTA Group members appreciate the opportunity to learn in a flexible way with "native speakers" from the UK and the US. Thanks to these particular nationalities, they can effectively practice their accent, which is so important when working with clients from these areas. (...) Thanks to this cooperation, we see real linguistic progress among our specialists, and it is crucial for us, since we provide services mainly to foreign clients.
Ania Piasecka HR Specialist
The cooperation was undertaken, among other things, because of the interesting offer and the possibility of seamlessly matching our expectations to the mode of study offered by the school. Courses conducted by Fluentbe Language School are characterized by a high level of content and a professional approach to such a specific form of teaching, which are certainly courses conducted in companies.Reliability, professionalism and high level of classes conducted make Fluentbe Language School worth recommending.
e-Smoking World

English for companies Why is Fluentbe the best choice?

Online lessons with a live tutor are the ideal way to learn.
Check out our modern language solutions for business.

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Our lecturers are the highest level of teaching


We offer effective methods of teaching English with Polish teachers as well as native speakers. Online learning gives you access to the best staff of lecturers from all over the world.

Our native speakers are educated in the field and have completed specialized training to teach English as a foreign language.

Our lecturers are the highest level of teaching

Courses tailored to business


We have three course packages: business english, general english and specialized - dedicated to the individual needs of the company.

Your employees will be able to communicate freely, knowing the vocabulary related to a particular industry. English classes for companies are held online, in small groups (2, 3 and 4 people) or individually.

Courses tailored to business

Multimedia platform


The course provides all the necessary study materials. Lesson preparation, course management, class presentations and homework - all one

Multimedia platform
Corporate English training for global teams - Our lecturers are the highest level of teaching Corporate English training for global teams - Courses tailored to business Corporate English training for global teams - Multimedia platform

English for companies What benefits does the course provide?

In learning a language, industry-specific vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar are important so that we can communicate effectively.

For the employer
For the employee

Icon Employees with higher qualifications

The opportunity to work in an international environment where employees can develop their skills and gain valuable experience. In addition, fluency in English facilitates negotiations, contract drafting and communication with foreign investors.

Icon More opportunities for the company

You have full control and visibility over each employee's engagement and performance in English language learning. Access to attendance and progress data helps you monitor the effectiveness of your training program and take appropriate action to ensure the continued language development of your team.

Icon Monitoring of results

An offer tailored to your business. This includes the number of lessons, their form, as well as the timing. This allows us to provide flexibility and a personalized approach, tailored to your needs and preferences. Our goal is to provide you with an optimal learning plan that is convenient and effective for you and your business.

Icon Flexibility of the offer

The company has the opportunity to operate in new markets where English is widely used as the communicative language of business. The ability to communicate in English opens the door for the company to compete globally and enables it to connect with potential customers, partners and suppliers from different countries.

Icon Effective English language learning

Learning at any level, practicing industry vocabulary. Our method provides freedom in communication, including business language.

Icon Ability to learn from anywhere

The form of online classes makes it possible to join lessons from anywhere in the world. The student does not waste time commuting, and does not miss lessons when traveling.

Icon Professional Lecturers

More than 1000 teachers, including native speakers at the student's disposal. The best teachers from all over the world, with experience in teaching English in the business sphere.

Icon Access to an interactive platform

All the tools you need for learning in one place. All you need to do is log in to the platform to join classes, manage your course, use additional learning materials.

English for companies Effective learning with the Fluentbe method

In learning a language, industry-specific vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar are important so that we can communicate effectively.

Corporate English training for global teams - Effective learning with the Fluentbe method

The classes engage the student in learning, who, seeing the progress, is satisfied to participate in the next lessons!

Fluentbe methodologists have created an effective method, the use of which for 1 semester (about 4 months) allows you to jump at least 1 level higher, methodically increasing your linguistic confidence.

  • We focus on communication
  • No rules to remember
  • Vocabulary and grammar are practiced in practice

Fluentbe in numbers

Attendance at group courses
Students from companies that trust us
Lessons delivered per month
Lecturers from around the world
Companies that regularly cooperate with us
Years of our experience

English for companies Group and individual classes

We pay special attention to the individual needs and requirements of the company

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Group activities

Lessons in mini-groups (2-4 people), give an individual approach, matched by degree to the language level and students' preferences


Permanent reader

The group is led by 1 lector matched to the level.


A permanent group of people

Students matched by language proficiency level.


Fixed schedule

We set a convenient schedule for everyone.


Fluentbe Method

Classes are conducted according to an established program and in accordance with our method.

Group activities

Individual classes

Flexible class format targeting specific student goals with lesson-by-lesson appointments.


Matched voiceover

Individually tailored to your level and preferences.


Tailored program

Individually tailored program of activities.


Flexible formula

Free intensity and flexible schedule.


Cancellation option

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before class.

Individual classes

English for companies We take care of every step of our cooperation

We pay special attention to the individual needs and requirements of your business. We will take care of all the activities that will make the course tailored to the needs of your company and employees.

Book a demo

Survey of needs and objectives

Your goals are our goals, so we want to know them.


Proposal for cooperation

We will present the most cost-effective formula of cooperation taking into account your goals.


Level verification

We will verify the level of language proficiency of employees free of charge. Written test / Oral test.


Preference survey

We will gather individual employee preferences.


Setting up lesson dates

Based on the availability of your employees, we will select appropriate fixed class dates.


Start of classes

Your employees achieve their language goals.

Certified lecturers from around the world

Lecturers are Fluentbe's greatest values. They make learning at the highest level, and students make the most of their time in class and quickly absorb new knowledge.

Corporate English training for global teams - Certified lecturers from around the world

Flexibility and variety in learning English

Learning is done online, which puts more than 1000 of the best teachers at the students' disposal, including Polish and native speakers from around the world. Thus, we have tremendous opportunities to match the teacher to the student's preferences, in terms of background, accent, experience in learning at a particular level, or industry language.


Qualified lecturers - experts in teaching

Fluentbe's teachers are English language teachers: graduates of English philology, linguistics or teachers' college. In the case of native speakers, we also require a degree in the field or completion of specialized training that authorizes them to teach English as a foreign language, such as CELTA, DELTA, TEFL certificates.


Knowledge and motivation in every lesson

We work with lecturers who also have charisma and the ability to make the subject interesting. Each lesson is an injection of knowledge and motivation. Lecturers moderate meetings in such a way that each student actively participates in the conversation and gets the most out of the lesson.

Student Space Innovative learning platform

Our proprietary platform gives students access to all the tools they need to learn in Fluentbe.

Book a demo Explore Student space

Students are provided with specially designed materials and clear exercises tailored to each learning level.


Course plan


In the Course Plan tab, the student can view all the lessons at the assigned level. He or she can prepare for the lesson by doing some short exercises, check the presentation slides, or do homework related to the lesson.

Student Space - Course plan



In the Messages tab the student will find conversations with the teacher, saved chats from previous lessons, attached files and links. Outside of lessons, he does not lose contact with his teacher, and can write to him at any time.

Student Space - News

My lessons


In the My Lessons tab, the student can view previous and upcoming lessons, the lesson calendar and attendance.

Student Space - My lessons



All the time, the student also has access to tools to help him or her study like a translator, proofreader, dictionary, synonyms. This way, he doesn't have to leave the platform to check a given word, its spelling, or the correctness of a sentence.

Student Space - Tools
Student Space - Course plan Student Space - News Student Space - My lessons Student Space - Tools

They talk about us

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Corporate English training for global teams - Director of Studies

The result of learning according to the Fluentbe method is that employees are more at ease and confident in situations that require the use of language, such as in meetings, presentations, or email exchanges inside and outside the organization.

Daria Domagała

Director of Studies

English for companies Offer tailored to the company

We pay special attention to the individual needs and requirements of the company.

  • It is possible to conduct classes in mini-groups (up to 4 people) or individually,
  • Class frequencies - We recommend that learning takes place once a week, but we will tailor the course to your employees' availability
  • Options for the length of group classes - 60 or 90min, tailored to the chosen course and learning goal.
  • Class topics: General English or Business English, or specialized language classes. We will match you with a suitable course and a qualified teacher.
Corporate English training for global teams - Offer tailored to the company

Why is it so important to learn English for business?

International relations

Nowadays, most companies operate in international markets, and good relationships with business partners around the world are crucial to success. English is a language that allows you to communicate easily and effectively with people from different countries and cultures.


Communication is crucial to doing business. English is most often used as the language for communication in multinational corporations and international organizations.


In an international business environment, language knowledge, and in particular English, can be a competitive advantage in the search for new markets or during trade negotiations.

Technology and media

Many modern business technologies and tools, such as software, websites and social media, are developed in English and often require knowledge of the language.

What are the benefits of English for Business at Fluentbe?

When you choose English for companies at Fluentbe, you are assured of a good choice.

We are a school devoting 100% of its attention to ensuring that your employees achieve their language goals.

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Quality in 1st place

We care about the highest quality of teaching - both in terms of employee progress and reports to the employer.


Individual account manager

You can count on our Customer Care team to help you at every stage.


Flexible terms of cooperation

Within a single contract, there can be any mix of 2, 3, 4-person classes and individual classes as needed.


The same school for each location

Do you have employees from different parts of Poland or abroad? They can all learn on one platform!


Learning at any language level

We provide courses for those who have no previous exposure to the language as well as for those who already have a certain level of proficiency.


Transparent progress reports

Received at least once a month or on request. You can also monitor user activity all the time.

What are the benefits of learning English online?


Online learning is available to anyone who has access to the Internet. You can study from anywhere and at any time - we teach lessons 24/7!, which allows for more flexibility and customization for the individual student.


By learning online, we don't have to leave home, which saves time and money. In addition, we can adjust the pace of learning to our needs and preferences, which can contribute to better absorption of knowledge.

Access to language tools

A student can join a class with one click. In the same place, he or she can access class materials, interactive exercises, or aids like a translator or dictionary.

Ability to control progress

We offer tools to track your progress, allowing you to control and monitor your achievements.

Frequently asked questions

English course for companies is prepared in cooperation with professionals. Thanks to this solution, it does not differ in any way from classroom lessons, and additionally facilitates the organization of work.

All lessons are conducted by native speakers, who supervise the course, actively participate in conversations with students, implement exercises and monitor the progress of individuals. A great advantage of the course prepared by us is the ability to choose the level to match the skills and level of proficiency of the employee.

English for business online is an excellent solution for medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations. To meet the expectations of our clients, we have created an offer based on classes that are held fully remotely. This allows not only to save time, but also to save a moment during the work of employed people.

Such a solution will not only increase competence, but it increases employee satisfaction with employment conditions and development opportunities. Opt for convenience and provide remote learning in your employees.

Our specialty is not only the learning of English itself, but also the coordination of the entire process. That's why, when you decide on our services, you will receive a full analysis of your employees' knowledge and a report on individual learning progress. This will allow you to better adjust the tasks and the assigned position.

In addition, based on the information collected, we will create a division of groups and match the date of the lesson to the time made available in your company. Take advantage of the solutions we offer and join thousands of satisfied customers.

Let's find out together if Fluentbe can help your business Join the ranks of our satisfied customers
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