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The authorial program, prepared in cooperation with methodologists from Oxford University Press, helps children and teenagers in taking their first steps as well as in mastering the English language at the level of national and international exams.

7-9 years old
Around the world

The course, prepared in cooperation with Oxford University Press, specializes in a contemporary approach to teaching English, which effectively combines the inquiry-based learning method (based on children's natural curiosity and willingness to discover) with the development of 21st century skills: communication, creativity, critical thinking and team work.

From Great Britain to Brazil, Australia to Japan. Each level of the course consists of 8 extensive subject units, each of which is divided into seven 30-minute lessons. In each unit, children visit a different country, getting to know different aspects of the lives of the children living in those countries. In each themed unit, children will learn 16 new key words and additional words - they will learn about 500 new words and expressions in total. In each unit, children will learn two grammatical structures. After every 21 lessons, the learned issues are additionally consolidated during the implementation of interesting projects: Big Projects.

After completing the course, children are ready to take the Cambridge Pre A1 Starter exam.

  • Lesson duration: 30 minutes
  • Number of people in the group: 1
  • Number of lessons in a year: 60
  • Cambridge exam: Pre A1 Starters
10-14 years old

A course prepared in cooperation with Oxford University Press, which effectively combines the inquire-based learning method (based on children's natural curiosity and willingness to discover) with the development of 21st century skills: communication, creativity, critical thinking and cooperation.

Each level of the course consists of 18 themed units, each of which is divided into two 60-minute lessons enriched with Big Question sections, which introduce the topic of classes and develop critical thinking skills. Additionally, the course has been extended with regular consolidation of the material.In each unit, children learn new words and grammatical structures in context, which allows them to learn the language better.

  • Lesson duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of people in the group: 1
  • Number of lessons in a year: 60
  • Cambridge exams: A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET)
15-19 years old

The course is intended for Secondary school and Technical Secondary school students.Together with Fluentbe teachers, you will not be surprised by any short test, and you will pass the tests without any problems. The individual course will allow you to improve your speaking skills, use of advanced words, fluent speech and trouble-free understanding as well as assimilation of information. Together, we will take small steps towards the English matura exam.

  • Lesson duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of people in the group: 1
  • Number of lessons in a year: 60
  • Cambridge exams: FCE, CAE, CPE
Matura exam

A course for Secondary school graduates who want to enter the exam room stress-free, focusing fully on achieving 100 percent on the English matura exam: basic as well as advanced level. You will quickly come to the conclusion that the matura exam is really not that hard. We will polish the needed skills such as the listening, reading and writing skills to the perfection to reach the maximum results.

The preparation course is based on the Oxford Matura Trainer Basic Level, Oxford Matura Trainer Advanced Level coursebooks.

  • Lesson duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of people in the group: 1

Get to know our exceptional teachers

Your child will learn with professionals from all over the world who will inspire them, motivate them and help them achieve their language goals.

Every child deserves a professional, friendly and inspiring teacher. In such conditions, learning is more effective and the child finds it easier to immerse themselves in the language. That is why we recruit our teachers not only from Poland, but mailny worldwide.

Tutors are carefully selected so that children and teenagers are taught only by teachers with specialized education and experience in teaching a specific age group. We diligently check the skills of our potential teachers - we make sure that they can conduct lessons for children and teenagers.Thanks to careful analysis, we are able to match the level of a given student with a teacher who will be responsible for learning throughout the course.

Active contact with the teacher during classes is a key component of language learning. The ocean of words, idioms and grammar rules that is difficult to overcome will seem like an ordinary pond.

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Check out what our younger clients have to say about Fluentbe's online English course!

I’m enjoying the course very much and I can confidently recommend it. Professionally conducted classes, nice and not stressful atmosphere. Learning materials are understandable and make you think in English. Intuitive platform. Overall the course exceeded my expectations.
It is a great activity in a pleasant atmosphere. The teacher is an absolute professional.
Excellent teacher, adaptation of learning to the needs of the student, convenient dates/time of lessons for the student, good atmosphere.
I am after only a few lessons, but what I appreciate the most is the individual approach, the focus on my expectations and a pleasant learning atmosphere.
The technical side is very well done. Connecting with the lecturer is child's play. Lessons in the privacy of your room are very comfortable.
Classes at Fluentbe are led by a wonderful teacher. A person with passion and commitment. Extremely kind, patient, understanding, demanding and motivating at the same time. Interesting teaching aids. Useful programme. The classes are very well organised for people of different ages and situations.
English via the Internet, it is finally possible to try to speak the english language. At school, I only did grammar exercises, but I didn't practice pronunciation at all.
I recommend it to everyone. Learning without leaving home, great teacher, prepared classes.
I am once again attending classes with Fluentbe. Professional lecturers, convenient form, convenient time to learn and a nice way to spend evenings.
No more just grammar! Let's not be afraid to speak english and that's what Fluentbe provides!
Son is taking advantage of the offer and is very pleased. Great form for the holiday season. Lessons have also taken place without any problem when we were far abroad. I recommend it to those who are undecided!
I strongly recommend it! Punctual classes, very good content level of the leading teacher, extensive view of the English language. Lack of routine and boredom, which has an unrivalled educational value and the desire to learn through discovery, acquisition of knowledge and its consolidation. Comfortable working conditions, high personal culture and professionalism!
All at the highest level, I got the teacher I asked for, I wanted mainly conversations and that's how it was. The hours were flexible and suited to my schedule. I recommend them!
I would definitely recommend learning at Fluentbe, the classes have always been interesting, fun and informative, led by a lovely teacher living in the United States with whom you never get bored.
Fantastic people. I will be back as soon as I can schedule my next lessons. It was a pleasure to learn
Super teacher! Teaching at a high level, but with a bit of leeway, I strongly recommend. :)
I give 5 stars because there is no more.I am at elementary level but I understand more and more.I recommend
After 10 lessons I can write that I am very satisfied and can certainly recommend the school to the others.
I only regret that I started learning with Fluentbe so late
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I am after just a few lessons, but what I appreciate the most is the individual approach, focusing on my expectations, and the nice atmosphere of learning.
Wioletta Wednesday, July 2020

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