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Shaun - Profesor de limba engleză

I am a experienced, adaptable, and passionate language teacher who provides personalised, practical help to improve communication in English

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  • engEnglish teacher
  • English Mother tongue
  • German B2
Preferințe de predare
  • Individual classes
  • Group classes
  • Students (15-20)
  • Adults (21+)
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Despre mine

As a seasoned corporate trainer and language instructor, I offer English language solutions tailored to both individuals and organizations, whether in-person or online. My primary goal is to facilitate clear and efficient communication, and I stay abreast of the latest developments in learning and development. My courses are designed to be modern, engaging, and diverse, with clear learning objectives and milestones. Above all, I strive to make learning enjoyable.

In addition to my extensive experience in corporate training and language teaching, I also possess a deep understanding of different cultures and their communication styles. This allows me to adapt my teaching methods to the unique needs of each individual or organization, ensuring that they receive the most effective language training possible.

I strongly believe in the value of practical and hands-on learning, and I incorporate real-life scenarios and role-playing exercises into my courses to encourage active participation and application of newly acquired language skills. By doing so, my students are able to develop confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English in a variety of settings.

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