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Mariela - lektor angielskiego

Mariela - Profesor de limba engleză

Qualified passionate English Teacher with more than 12 years of experience.

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  • engEnglish teacher
  • eng it zh
  • Spanish Mother tongue
  • English C2
  • Italian B1
  • Chinese A2
Preferințe de predare
  • Individual classes
  • Group classes
  • Copii (9-14 ani)
  • Students (15-20)
  • Adults (21+)
Pregătirea pentru examene IELTS YLE Flyers YLE Movers Pre A1 Starters (YLE)

Despre mine

I am a certified English Language teacher committed to delivering top-quality education and continuously expanding my professional knowledge. With over 12 years in the field of ESL/EFL, I have accumulated a diverse and enriching background in education.

My journey as an educator has taken me to different countries, including Argentina, China, and Italy, allowing me to connect with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I have had the privilege of teaching students at various educational levels, from young kindergarteners to university students and adults. My teaching experience has been equally spread across private and public institutions, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of various learning environments.

One of my notable strengths lies in my versatility in both online and traditional classroom teaching. I have mastered my skills in both settings, making me adaptable to the changing needs and preferences of modern learners.

My passion for helping students become confident English speakers, together with my international exposure and adaptability, makes me a dedicated and flexible educator. I look forward to assisting you on your journey to language proficiency.


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