O sobie:

Hi everyone and welcome to Fluentbe English School. My name is Dima. I am going to be your teacher and I can assure you that I am well qualified for this, possessing Master Diploma in Pedagogical science and Germanic languages, two TEFL certificates for general teaching and business English. My local and foreign experience has afforded me the opportunity to interact with diverse student populations and engage them in learning. Using teaching methods that coincide with the Universal Design for Learning, including high-interest learning material, multiple means of assessment and instruction, as well as careful modeling and scaffolding of new skills, I strive to ensure that every student achieves excellence. While I was performing classes in different schools and locations I got an idea that every student being an individual or a part of a group requires personal approach so practical tasks, vocabulary even examples to a grammatical material teacher provides the student with should vary. The lesson must be interesting and closely related to realities of student’s social and working lives; it must have “Mens et Manus” principle as it helps students to start using language faster and easier. These are two principles I have brought of my previous teaching practice. I often tell my students that it’s very important to keep on moving towards the excellence. Don’t be afraid of anything as I am going to help you and together we will make it happen – you will master English as I believe in you.