O sobie:

I love teaching and I do it with a big smile. I really care about my students and I will motivate you. I have been teaching and tutoring for over ten years in total and I have never had enough. I worked as an English teacher in the USA, and telecommuted as such with Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. I hold a BA in Healthcare Services Administration from Baker College in the USA, and as of now I am in my last year of studies in EUHEM Program (European Master of Health Economics and Management Program) at University of Oslo, University of Bologna, University of Rotterdam and MCI (Management Center of Innsbruck). I continuously study, read and write in order to improve my skills. In the past, I have prepared my students for the TOEFL test, MTELP test, and the Civics Test for USCIS. In my free time, (not that I have any) I play classical guitar and swim.